Fleet Management Platform

More than just a GPS tracking system!  While watching the locations and signals of your entire fleet on a single map could be exciting for a few weeks after implementing a GPS tracking system, the failure of such a system in addressing the main business problems makes it difficult for fleet operators to justify the recurring charges of keeping it up and running.

What a GPS tracking system cannot answer is:

  • "What jobs my vehicles are serving now?"
  • "Are they all taking the shortest or fastest routes?"
  • "What is the running cost of each vehicle for me?"
  • "Why am I hiring so many personnel to look after a system like this?"
  • "Was the system not supposed to reduce my daily task load?"  
  • "Do I need to add one more vehicle to my fleet to serve a new contract or I can manage that with the existing fleet?"

GateX Fleet Management Platform is more than just a GPS tracking system... It comes with innovative, "fleet management" modules. Take a few minutes of your precious time to read about its modules below:

  1. Fleet

Your entire fleet at your fingertips

Access detailed registration information on each of your vehicles, such as plate number, registration and insurance date and expiration, and vehicle model, make, type and capacity descriptions and create custom fields for your country specific needs.Avoid fines and maximize fleet utilization through automated alerts and reminders for when registrations and licenses or any of the fields are about to expire.

  1.  Live Trace

Watch how well your fleet is performing now

Monitor the location, engine status, speed and direction of vehicle’s movements in Real Time or access past trips and replay the history tracks of the past five years.Check connected signals such as the engine temperature, cargo temperature, and coolant level and humidity, fuel level, engine oil and tire pressure.Define map areas as GeoFences which are virtual geographical boundaries and use GateX visual admin panel to set operational rules on them. Go complex by using scripts to the event definitions and use of comprehensive algorithms so as to collect the information the way you want.Set markers and Points of Interest on your map to identify client locations, group them according to your CRM and add attributes to the POIs to use them in the reporting and alerting engine.

  1. Personnel

Your online HR module

Access personal and contact details for each of your drivers, supervisors and operators and get notified when documents such as passports, visas, and driver’s licenses are about to expire.Identify who is driving each vehicle via our provided Driver ID Kits, generate Driving Score KPIs and Timesheet Reports, and calculate overtime and incentives to help clarify the payroll.

  1. Maintenance Module

Comprehensive service at a glance

Keep track of maintenance bills, spare parts, and suppliers and communicate your needs with your preferred dealer.Calculate the running cost of a vehicle and monitor repair and maintenance expenses to control and minimize your expenditure.

  1. Reports

Your data, your way

Generate custom reports and auto-email to the concerned executives.Our most popular class of reports include:

  • Class of Trip Reports
  • Departure Report
  • Class of Speeding Reports
  • Class of Maintenance Reports
  • Class of Fuel Consumption Reports
  • Drivers Scores & Eco Driving Reports
  • Delivery Reports 
  • Class of Exceptions & Violations Reports
  • Utilization Report
  • Running Cost Report 

6. Alerts & Notifications

  Be the first to know

Recieve SMS, Email or App Notifications on time sensitive events and be instantly aware of the violated rules, vehicle break downs or important deliveries to supervise your team efficiently; moreover act on the ALARMs on your mobile phones or tablets immediately.

Alternatively activate sirens in the control rooms or in the driver cabins whenever your team need to take the necessary actions upon the occurance of an event.

More Features

For your maximum efficiency


Apply your Organizational Hierarchy with defined access and security levels for each user in order to easily manage your fleet and automatically distribute appropriate reports and alerts to relevant departments.

Use GateX Alerting Engine to set up notifications for the concerned team, managers, fleet supervisors or control room operators. Alert options include email, SMS, alarms, map indicators, and vehicle panel indicators.

Benefit from our Dispatch Plugin which finds the nearest vehicle to a client site, assigns the vehicle to the job and notifies you once the job is completed.

Having large fleet?       Subscribe to our advanced Dispatch & Route Optimizer Module and assign the most optimized routes to thousands of vehicles on daily basis and transmit the routes to the in-vehicle navigators or drivers’ mobile phones over the air.

Download our Mobile App for easy, instant access to your fleet no matter your location, Available on IOS and Android platforms.

GateX Fleet Management Platform

All on a Single Dashboard

No more spreadsheets, manage your fleet, personnel, fuel consumption, maintenance & deliveries on an intuitive dashboard

Modular & Customizable

GateX platform is designed as modular and expandable to meet your today's & future needs

Real Time Information

Monitor your fleet's location, speed, routes, alerts, cargo temperature, service condition, jobs and deliveries in real time and on your mobile devices

Route Optimizer & Dispatch

Plan, Optimize, Dispatch & Monitor the routes and deliveries on a single click of the mouse


Use our enterprise-grade APIs to integrate GateX platform's data and reports with your existing ERP

Maintenance Module

Keep track of your vehicles' maintenance records, receive notifications when a service is due and let the system calculate the each vehicle's running cost for you


GateX is committed to delivering advanced Monitoring Platforms to the society. Our real-time cloud based solutions address the needs of many industries.

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